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Sentence Correction : Clarifications and Tips - Chapter Four : ADVERBIAL & PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES IN COMMON USE



  •  Again and again : (More than once) :  Good books should be read                                   again and again.

  •  Above all : (before every other consideration)  : Above all, one                              should be fair in his dealings.

  •  Above board : (without any secret)  : All the dealings of the                                           company are open and above board.

  • At Once:  ( Without delay) ; He started for his home at once.

                         (At the same time) : The students left the class at once.                         (collectively at the same time) He is at once a poet and a                              great writer.

  • Immediately : (one action follows another without delay) : He                                immediately rushed to his house as he heard the news.

  • As soon as: ( Prompt simultaneous action) : As soon as the thief                             saw a policeman he ran away from the scene.

  • At present : (for the present being) : At present I am short of money.  I shall repay your loan next month

  • Presently : (shortly): He will return presently.

  • By and  by : ( after a time) : By and by, the anger of  public will subside. 

  • By the by : ( In Passing) : By the by it is said that the general                                  elections will be held soon.

  • Before long : ( In a short time) : I shall start a sugar factory before                             long.

  •  Far and near : ( In all directions) : His fame has spread far and                                    near.

  •  Far and wide : (In many distant  places) : He has travelled far and                                wide.

  •  Far and away : (decidedly) : This is far and away the best course.

  • First and foremost : (first of all) : First and foremost duty of all of                                          us is to serve the nation.

  • In the long run : (Sooner or later, Ultimately): In the long run he will                                realize his mistake and will mend his ways.


  • Little by little: (gradually) : Little by little, his wealth frittered away.

  • Off and on: (Not regularly): He worked eight years, off and on, on                         his autography.

  • Of course: ( in the course of nature) : Our team lost the match and                      of course all were very sad.

  • Once and again: (repeatedly): I have told you once and again not                                   to read such trash.

  • Once for all: (Finally): I have told you once for all that I am no more                         interested in this deal.

  • Over  and  over again : ( time and again-repeatedly):  I warned  him                                           over and again but he did not pay any heed                                            to me.

  • Over and above: (besides) : He gained over and above this the                                         goodwill of all people.

  • One by One :( gradually): The guests left the place one by one.

  • Out and out: (decidedly): He is out and out a noble person.

  • Out and away: (by far): The Bible is out and away the best book on                              philosophy.

  • To and fro: (up and down) : He was moving to and fro in the                                   garden thinking over his future plans.

  • Through and through: (Completely): I was drenched in rain                                                        through and through.

  • Thus and thus:( in such and such a way) : Thus and thus only we                                shall succeed.


  • At home in : (To be adept in) : He is at home in English.

  • At  the risk of : (To be in  danger): The boys saved the drowning                                   child at the risk of their own lives.

  • At the mercy of : (compassionately) : The culprits are at the mercy                                of the authorities now.

  • At the top of : ( at the peak) : The child cried at  the top of its voice.

  • At length : (At last) : At length truth triumphs.

  • At Bottom: ( At heart ) : At bottom his father is a noble person.

  • At hand: ( near) : Work hard, the examination is at hand.

  • At Large: ( at a run)  : The police is searching the culprit but he is                                            still at large.

  • At  the cost of : ( putting in loss of ) : He is working so hard at the                                  cost of his health.

  • After all: (barring other things) : After all he is your elder brother,                    you should respect him.

  • By dint of :( through) By dint of hard work he was able to succeed                      in the examination.

  • By way of : ( through a route) : We went to Agra by way of Delhi.

  • By fits and starts: (Intermittently)  : He could not succeed  because                                   he did his work by fits and starts.

  • By leaps and bounds:( Progress abundantly) : He is progressing                                             in his business by leaps and  bounds.

  • By hook or crook : ( by fair or foul means ): He is determined  to                                         secure this job by hook or crook.

  • For want of :(short of ): His all plans could not materialize for want                          of funds.

  • For lack of : (shortage of) : We could  not help him for lack of                                  money.

  • For the sake of: ( Do for someone) : He suffered this loss for the                                    sake of honour of his family.

  • In honour  of : (for respect of ) He hosted a party in honour of his                               father’s promotion.

  • In stead of : ( in place of) : Instead of accepting his fault , he                                    started shouting at me.

  • In spite of : ( Despite)  In spite of hard work, he failed  in the                                    examination.

  • In course of: ( During the time) :  In course of time,  all the  issues                            settled down.

  • In order to : ( resulting to ) : He is doing all in order to win favour of                        the boss.

  • In front of : ( situated opposite to) : His  house is situated in  front                          of the temple.

  • In favour of : (on the side of ) : The chairman of the committee is                              not in favour of selection of this candidate.

  • In case of :(if it happens) : In case of your selection for this job,                            you will have to move out of this city.

  • In the hope of : (expecting) : He started a new business in the                                        hope of earning a good profit.


  • In the guise of : ( in the dress  of ): Terrorists came in the guise of                                policemen.

  • On account of : ( due to ): Our office is closed today on account of                               Holi.

  • On the ground of : ( Due to ) He is on leave today on the ground of                                    his illness.

  • On behalf of : ( on account of ) :  I thanked the shopkeeper on                                   behalf of my brother.

  • On the eve of : ( on the occasion of) : He hosted a party on the eve                              of his  promotion.

  • Up to the mark: ( not of expected level) : His performance is not up                              to the mark.

  • Underway: ( in the process) :  The bridge is still under way.

  • With open arms : (warm welcome) : People welcomed the leader                                      with open arms wherever he visited.

  • With a view to: (with a purpose of) They hosted a dinner to him                                   with a view to win his favour.



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