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While writing we use different forms of sentences( i.e active and passive forms). More important words are used as Subject and those of secondary place are used as objective in the sentence. For this we make necessary changes in a sentence. 

These two forms of sentences are called Active and Passive forms of sentences and this process of making a change from active to passive form of a sentence is called 'change of the voice'.

In examination there are questions in the form of change of sentences from one form of voice to another i.e. from active to passive form or vice versa  & there are questions to rectify errors due to wrong change of form of sentences.

A sentence generally has in it a  Subject , Verb and object. Some sentences do not have an object but for change of voice an object in a sentence is necessary.

Change of Voice in case of --- SENTENCES WITH MODALS

There are certain words which are used to support the main verb in the sentence. These words are to help the verb and are called helping verb or modals e.g. Can, Could, May, Might, Should, Would, Ought to, Must etc.  While changing a sentence to passive voice the word 'be' is used with these words.

You can do your work now.

Your work can be done now by you.

You could not do your work.

Your work could not be done by you.

You may not help him.

He may not be helped by you.

She might not win the competition.

The competition might not be won by you.

They must do their work.

Their work must be done by them.

Can you lend me your pen?

Can I be lent your pen by you?

How should I start  my work?

How should my work be started by me?

Where should I search him?

Where should he be searched by me?

Should we obey his orders?

Should his orders be obeyed by us?

You may leave the  room now.

The room may be left now by you.

May I leave now?

Am I allowed to leave now?

We should not waste our time.

Our time should not be wasted. 

He might not contact you.

You might not be contacted by you.,

The thieves might have  taken away the car.

The car might have been taken away by the thieves.

I know him.
He is known to me.

His behaviour surprised me.
I was surprised at his behaviour.

His conduct displeased me.
I was displeased with his behaviour.

This box contains ten books.
Ten books are contained in this box.


One should do one's duty.                    Duty should be done.

One must respect one's parents.         Parents must be respected.

Someone stole my purse.                   My purse was stolen.

May he live long!                              It is prayed that he may live long.

May we see the patient?                 Are we allowed to see the patient?

He hopes to go to Simla.                It is hoped that he will go to Simla.

He obliged me.                               I was obliged to him.

The people lined the road.
The road was lined with the people.

The spectators thronged the streets.
The streets were thronged with the spectators.

People have gone to see the hanging of the murderer.
People have gone to the hanging of the murderer to be seen.

Women like men to flatter them.
Women like to be flattered by men.

Rose smells sweet.
Rose is sweet when smelt.

These pieces of sugarcane taste sweet.
These pieces of sugarcane are sweet when tasted.

Quinine tastes bitter.
Quinine is bitter when tasted.

What one cannot cure must endure.
What cannot be cured must be endured.

God helps those who help themselves.
Those who help themselves are helped by God.OR
Those who are helped by themselves are helped by God.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.
Stones  should not be thrown at others by those who live in glass houses.

He who knows that he knows knows nothing.
Nothing is known to him by whom it is known that it is known to him.

He who does not know that he knows knows something.
Something is known to him to whom it is not known that it is known to him.

I kept him waiting.
He was kept waiting by me.

He made me work.
I was made to work by him.

I want you to help me.
I want to be helped by you.

It is time to take food.
It is time for food to be taken.

It is necessary to pay fee.
It is necessary for fee to be paid.

Let us do our work.
Let our work be done by us.

Exercise -- Change the Voice:

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