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While writing we use different forms of sentences( i.e active and passive forms). More important words are used as Subject and those of secondary place are used as objective in the sentence. For this we make necessary changes in a sentence. 

These two forms of sentences are called Active and Passive forms of sentences and this process of making a change from active to passive form of a sentence is called 'change of the voice'.

A sentence generally has in it a  Subject , Verb and object. Some sentences do not have an object but for change of voice an object in a sentence is necessary.

In examination there are questions in the form of change of sentences from one form of voice to another i.e. from active to passive form or vice versa  & there are questions to rectify errors due to wrong change of form of sentences.


Change the voice of the following sentences.

1. Kites were being flown in the sky by boys.

2. You will be waited for  until you return by us.

3. Crops are being harvested these days by farmers.

4. His luggage was brought by train by him.

5. A huge building was being built by masons.

6. All the dues should be paid in time. 

7. Their lessons had not been learnt today by the students.

8. The principal will have been seen tomorrow by now by them.

9. Children are looked after by  parents.

10. He should not have been insulted by abusing by him.


Change the voice of the following sentences.

1.  By whom was the bill of the dinner party paid yesterday ?

2. Why was the chief guest not greeted by garlanding by you?

3. Is the gentleman wearing a turban known to you?

4. Why was the stranger being laughed at by the children?

5. How was such a difficult sum solved by you?

6, Who is wanted to be seen by you ?

7. What is contained in this box?

8. When will food be cooked by your mother?

9. Has your food been not taken by now by you?

10. Were her parents not taken care of by her?


Change the voice of the following sentences.

1. Health should be preferred to wealth.

2. He was awarded a prize by the teacher.

3. Someone stole my new car yesterday.

4. Should his brother not be helped at this time  of need by us?

5. One always remembers one's true friends in adversity.

6. The flying bird was aimed at by the hunter.

7. He should not be left by his friends.

8. An abandoned child was found near the temple by the police.

9. Glowing tributes were paid  to the departed leader by all. 

10. A hurried visit was paid to our village by the minister.


Change the voice of the following Assorted sentences.

1. The national flag will be hoisted by the Prime Minister.

2. They are going to purchase a house next month.

3. We had already warned them against the danger.

 4. It is said that the proclaimed offender is at large.

5. All always trust on an honest man.

6. Has any person answered this question ?

7. People say that he is a thief.

8. One must   keep one's promises.

9. Has any body found my new purse?

10. Whom will the President appoint governor ?


1. The Prime minister will hoist the national flag.

2. A new house is going to be purchased next month by them.

3. They had already been warned against the danger by us.

4. They say that the proclaimed offender is at large.

5. An honest man is always trusted on by all.

6. Has this question been answered by any person ?

7. It is said that he is a  thief.

8. One's promises must be kept.

9. Has my new purse been found by any body ?

10. Who will be appointed governor by the President ?

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