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Sentence Formation----Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech----Chapter II

The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech

The category of a particular word to which part of speech it relates depends upon how it is used in a particular sentence.

In examination, generally, a set of sentences using a word as different parts of speech is given. Candidates are required to identify the sentence having incorrect use of word in it.

A  list of some words used as different parts of speech in sentences is given hereunder for practice.

Continued……              Chapter II.


He has seen many ups and downs in his life.

He went down the hill.

Prices of goods are not coming down.

Put five percent down and pay the rest in installments.

He put down all the things in black and white.

They all put their forks down.

One should not look down upon the poor.


Take five drops of medicine daily.

The fork dropped down from her hand.

I dropped her at the bus stand.

We heard rain drops falling on the roof.

The doctor advised him to take cough drops.

We explained all to  him at the drop of the hat.


The driver was driving the bus very carefully.

This loud noise will drive me mad.

Both of them went on a long drive in the evening.

The disk drive of the computer has been corrupted.

The authorities have started a fresh recruitment drive.


He has a strong desire to go to see his uncle in Kashmir.

A man’s desires are the cause of his woes.

He desires to see his brother.


It won’t make much difference either way.

The green grass strip on either side of the road add to its beauty.

Either of the them will attend the meeting.

I don’t want to go either.

The subject matter will be either hand written or in printed form.

He is either a thief or a pick-pocket.

He did not go to office but he did not return home either.


He had something else to offer to you.

We should search for it somewhere else.

Walk fast else you will miss the bus.

I followed him for a long time but he turned out someone else.



We have had enough of this.

He knows well enough what I mean.

There is time enough and to spare.


The ground where they played was not even.

Let  us even the ground.

Do you even suspect the danger?


All the persons except him are at fault.

Mother will not let you except you tender   your apology.

If we  except him all are at fault.

All were present in the meeting except John.

The twins looked identical except that one has brown hair.


The new rule will come  into effect from tomorrow.

My advice had no effect on him.

The thief  effected his escape through a window


Please accept my humble fare.

The bus fare has been increased from today.

He fared well in his examination.


The villagers went to see the fair.

Her complexions are very fair.

Fair and free elections were held in the country.

It is very fair today.

Weather  is very fair today.

A fair weather friend is never trusted upon.


The child had a nasty fall from the wall.

We went to see a water fall yesterday.

There is no chance of fall in prices of essential commodities.

The child fell from the roof and broke his leg.

Her hair fall across her shoulders.

Night fell suddenly.

Our hearts fell after we lost the match.

The class eventually fell silent.

My advice fell flat on him.

Their plans failed as  they fell short of money.


He keeps a fast on Monday.

He fasts on every Monday.

He is my fast friend.

The colour of this bed sheet is very fast.

Walk fast lest you should miss the bus.

He was fast asleep.

This clock is running a little fast.


Her face is very beautiful.

He put up a brave face during difficult period also.

Our house faces east.

He was wearing a face mask.

She has gone for a face massage.

This building was given a face lift.

She saved face by appeasing her opponents.

A soldier faces powder and a woman powders her face.


She is in a fix now.

Fix a nail in the table.

Let us fix our next programme.

They had a fix programme.


A clock has two hands.

I fear his hand in this issue.

He always extended a helping hand  towards me.

He is the right hand of the boss.

He handed over the thief to the police.

Both the friends buried the hatchet with their handshake.

The brought their goods in a hand-driven cart.


This box is made of iron.

Strike the iron while it is  hot.

He purchased an iron box for me.

Iron ore is found in Bihar.

He is a man or iron will.

He will iron his clothes.


He made all efforts to do away with social ills.

He is feeling ill  today.

He treated them ill.

I can ill afford it.

He is fed up with their ill behaviour.

He is a man of ill repute.


The Idle are disliked everywhere.

Nobody likes an idle fellow.

What an idle fellow he is!

He idles away his time.

Do not idle away the time.


Children have their own likes and dislikes.

Women like men to flatter them.

He looked like a hero.

It looks like rain today.

I do not feel like going there.

To play like he does requires great skill.


He gave me  the little he had.

There is little water in this jug.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Little did he know that he had already been dismissed.

I only ate a little.

It was a little before six when we reached there.

Let us wait here a little.


Light comes from the Sun.

He was carrying a light bundle.

He lighted a  candle in the room.

Travel light if you must.


Less you have the less you desire.

He paid less to the shopkeeper.

She paid less attention to her studies.

The doctor advised him to eat less.

She got less salary last month.

I see her much less than I used to.

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