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Sentence Formation ---Use of words- Same Word Used As Different Parts of Speech.-Chapter IV

                        The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech

The category of a particular word to which part of speech it relates depends upon how it is used in a particular sentence.

In examination, generally, a set of sentences using a word as different parts of speech is given. Candidates are required to identify the sentence having incorrect use of word in it.

A  list of some words used as different parts of speech in sentences is given hereunder for practice.

Continued……              Chapter IV.


The first round of counting of votes is over.

The doctor went on his round to check patients.

The inspector is on a round in his beat.

The police have rounded up many outlaws.

The car is rounding the corner.

He is a square peg in a round hole.

The bee is flying round and round.

I finally brought him round to my proposal.

The earth revolves round the sun.


Rocks are made of hard stone.

His married life is on the rocks these days.

Children have gone to see  the rock garden.

Have you ever visited the rock garden?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules over the world.

A mild earthquake rocked the city.

All the dancers were rocking on the tunes of music.

The new ruling rocked the legal profession.


The workers were demanding their rights.

This medicine will set the patient right.

Freedom is our birth right.

We should try to right the wrongs done to her.

The wrong must be righted.

Show me your right hand.

He did not do it right.

You treated him right.

Turn right at the next crossing.

He must reach here right now.


The animal hit him on the rear.

The farmer is rearing goats and sheep in his farm.

He went to the rear side of his house.

The rear mirror of the car was broken in the accident.



I shall do it in a second.   

In his field he is second to none.

Nobody seconded his proposal in the meeting.

The second boy in the first row is my son.

He was positioned second in the list.

He stood second in the examination.


The deer soon went out of sight.

The pageant  presented a very beautiful sight.

The poor man lost his eye sight in his childhood.

Out  of sight , out of mind.

A leopard was sighted in the forest  by the villagers.

We sighted a plane in the sky.

Children have gone for sight-seeing.


There was a black spot marked on his white shirt.

We could not trace out the exact spot on the ground.

They spotted a leopard in the forest.

The spot boy served tea to all the artists present there.

Police made a spot verification of the incident.

A  prisoner’s escape from the prison put the authorities in spot.


The child hit the dog with a stone.

The dog was stoned to death.

These pictures belong to Stone Age.


His voice resounded in the still of night.

Her voice was stilled forever.

The child could not sit still.

He is still in service.

Still waters always stagnate.

It is not very good still it is better than nothing.


We heard a loud thunder sound in the sky.

Our house is within sound of the church bells.

Please sound the horn.

He enjoys  sound health now.

The patient slept a sound sleep last night.

The child was sound asleep.


I have not met him since long.

Since you are unwell, you should not go to office.

I have not visited them since.



Time is precious do not waste it.

We should move according to the time table.

The programme was well timed.


He proposed the name of that boy.

We can easily do that much work.

The climate of Punjab is drier than that of Bengal.


He has seen many ups and downs of his life.

Prices of all the goods are going up.

The stranger went up the hill.

Let us climb up the hill.


Distant  lands charm to view.

Distance lends charm to the view.

The landscape presented a beautiful view to the spectator.

The authorities took a serious view of his misconduct in the office.

The authorities viewed his conduct of misbehavior as very serious.

In my view the accused too should be given a chance to express his view point.

Every member presented his view point in the meeting.

I still hold my view that he is innocent in this matter.

I am of the view that all the members should get  an equal chance.

We should not view his childish activities seriously.


Water changes into ice on freezing.

His plans did not hold water.

Both the brothers are in hot waters these days.

This water tank is infested with fish.

We appointed a water boy in the office.

His mouth watered on seeing sweets in the tray.

The gardener has watered the plants.


The villagers draw water from the well.

He is not feeling well today.

She sings well.

The villagers offered us well water to drink.

The patient is well now.

Tears welled up in her eyes to hear the news.

You alone managed all this, well,  I never expected this of you.


We rested for a while and then started.

They while away their time.

Be attentive while you are in the class.


The farmer put the yoke on the oxen.

The farmer yoked both the oxen together.

The ox has grown yoke sores.


The temperature of the room went down to zero last night.

Water freezes at temperature zero.

Zero inflation in an economy is totally hypothetical.

He has zero chance of winning the competition.

The whole of the discussion zeroed at payment of full amount to him.

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