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English Grammar - Sentence Correction Exercise with Solution and Explanation.

Error Correction Exercises:

Exercise No.  1.

Correct the following sentences :

1. These days human life has become longer and healthy due to research made by medical experts.
2. Whomever comes late will not be allowed to mark attendance in the register.
3. There is a great impact of social and culture changes on our lives.
4. Our digestive system produces a liquid that nourishes and protect the body.
5. Much believe that the youth of today cannot coexist with the so called orthodox older generation.
6. The visitors were not only provided with food but also the facility of lodging.
7. There are lower chances of awarding strict punishment  to the culprit in comparison to the offend.
8. You should once ponder on the consequences before you take any action against the wishes of your parents.
9. I have not forgotten and still remember clear the incident happened with me on that day.
10. The committee has come to this conclusion after thorough and carefully examination of evidences of the case. 


1. In this sentence 'human life' is subject and 'has become' is a verb. The words 'longer and healthy' are adjectives describing the noun 'human life'. In between these two words 'and' is a conjunction. Conjunction always joins things of the same level i.e. a noun with a noun or an adjective with an adjective. But of the same degree. Here longer is a comparative degree whereas healthy is a positive degree. Instead of healthy it should be healthier. Both the adjectives should be of comparative degree.  ....Life has become longer and healthier.

2. In interrogative sentences of 'Wh' ie sentences starting with who whom or which etc it is better to consider  answer of the interrogative sentence in assertive form. Here it is ... He will not be allowed....He is in subject case. Out of who and whom , who is in subject case and whom is in object case. Here it will be the subject case 'whoever' instead of 'whomever'.

3. The main sentence is 'there is a great impact ........ on our lives.'  'there' in this sentence is in introductory place only. 'a great impact' is singular and with it singular verb 'is' has been used which is correct. 'Changes' is a noun and the words 'social and culture' describe the noun 'changes'. These two are joined by conjunction and. A conjunction joins words of the same type. Here Social is adjective of the noun Society and culture is a noun. To make both the words adjective 'Cultural' instead of 'culture will be used. '.........impact of social and cultural changes .....'

4. 'Our digestive system' is Subject in singular 'produces' is verb in singular  'a liquid' is object. 'nourishes and protect' are two verbs joined by conjunction and. These two are related to subject 'liquid' which is singular and accordingly the verbs also should be in singular form. So 'nourishes and protects' is correct.

5. Much describes quantity or uncountable things  and Many describes number or countable things. Many instead of Much will be used with people.

6. Not only followed by but also are used here to describe two things ' food and facility of lodging'. These two should be used with the words which they describe. The sentence should be ........ provided with not only food but also the facility of lodging.

7. In this sentence there is comparison between punishment(noun) and offence(noun) but the word used offend is a verb. Instead of offend it should be offence.

8. With the verb ponder preposition 'over' instead of 'on' is used.

9. In this sentence 'remember' is a verb and to describe it an adverb should be used. Instead of adjective 'clear' adverb 'clearly' should be used.

10. In this sentence 'examination' is a noun. With a noun an adjective is used. Thorough is an adjective but 'carefully' is an adverb. It should be 'careful' instead of 'carefully'.

Exercise No. 2.

Correct the following sentences :

1. The idea of providing food and clothes to the workers instead of their wages were revolutionary.
2. There are certain worker of the party who always work sincerely and are worth depending upon.
3. The success of a project depends upon the degree in which the candidates involve themselves in the project.
4. The responsibility of taking good decisions and implement them lies solely on the authorities.
5. The new house that the family is considering to purchase is big and cleaner.
6. The authorities are considering to amend currently policies governing trade transactions between the two parties.
7. The decision of the boss to allow the manager to continue in service clearly indicates his confident about his integrity.
8. A congenial atmosphere in the vicinity proved very helpful in creating a sense of familiarly with the residents.   
9. The words selected by the poet to describe the panoramic scenery adds to the beauty of the poem.
10.The old man had five sons but neither of them supported him in his old age.


1. In this sentence 'the idea' is subject. It is singular. With it the verb used 'were' is incorrect. It should be in singular i.e. 'was'.
2. The word 'certain' indicates plural whereas 'a certain' means singular form. Here certain is in plural form and its verb 'are' is also in plural. But its noun is in singular it should be 'workers'.
3. In this sentence with 'degree' preposition 'in' is used. It should be 'to'.
4. In this sentence the portion of the sentence 'the responsibility ... lies solely on the authorities' is correct. In it both the subject (noun) 'responsibility' and verb 'lies' are singular and agree with each other. The other part ' taking good decision and implement them' have two verbs. These are joined by conjunction 'and'. These two verbs should in the same form. '..... taking good good decision and implementing them'.
5. Here two adjectives 'big and cleaner' are joined together by conjunction 'and'. These two should be in the same degree. ....bigger and cleaner. Comparative degrees are used because there is comparison between existing and new house.  
6. In this sentence an adverb 'currently' is used to describe the noun 'policies'. The correct is adjective 'current'. It should be 'current policies'.
7. In this sentence two adjectives 'his and confident' are joined together. After adjective'his' there should be a noun 'confidence'.
8.In this sentence an adverb 'familiarly'  is used whereas it should be a noun 'familiarity' .
9. In this sentence the subject 'The words' is plural but with it verb used is  singular 'adds'. It should be 'add'.
10. In this sentence for noun 'five sons' the pronoun used is 'neither' which is incorrect. 'Neither' is used for two and 'none' for more than two. Instead of 'neither' it should be 'none'.  

Exercise No.  3.

Correct the following sentences :

1. While delegating power to juniors, the authorities make it sure that the employees act in a responsible manner and they are personal accountable for their work.
2. The person underwent a process of personal transformation involving values and beliefs that provides him purpose and guidance for living his remaining life.
3. All the employees welcome the new policy with an overwhelming response and gave their consent for its implementation.
4. The biggest problem the information and technology industry faces these days is that there is an acute paucity of skill workers in the industry.
5. A majority of the people living in the area does not have an access to the basic amenities required for their living.
6. In the past time one of the more essential virtues required for an employee were his integrity and diligence towards his job.
7. All the sections of society has strive hard to cope with each other during the difficult period of this calamity.
8. The company, keeping in view that its performance is run smoothly during the current year, plans to enhance its production next year.
9. Different political parties with a view to allure gullible voters often sacrifice its high standards and principles. 
10. One of the hazard in the profession of  medical practitioners is that their activities are subjected to questioning by legal as well as common people. 


1. In this sentence the clause while....juniors is correct. The clause - the employees ... manner is also correct. The authorities- is Subject, Noun in plural, its verb in plural 'make' is correct. They Subject in plural has correct verb in plural 'are' Personal is and adjective It should be an adverb personally. Instead of persoal accountable it should be personally accountable.
2. The person underwent - shows that the tense is past tense. Further values and beliefs are plural but verb with it provides is in present tense. It should be provided.
3. 'All the employees' is subject in plural its verb 'welcome' is in plural 'the new policy' is object. Further the verb 'gave' describes the noun 'all the employees' but it is in past tense. Two verbs 'welcome' and 'gave' are joined together by conjunction 'and' . Both should be in the same tense. Instead of 'welcome' it should be 'welcomed'.
4. The information and technology industry is subject, noun in singular, faces is verb in singular and the biggest problem is object. 'An acute' is adjective describing noun 'paucity'. 'Workers' is noun in plural  and with it is 'skill'. It is a verb i first form whereas there should be an adjective to describe noun 'workers'. Third form (and not first form) of verb acts as an adjective. So it should be 'skilled' instead of 'skill'.
5. 'A majority of the people' is Subject and with 'majority' a plural verb is used but here with it a singular verb 'does' is used. It should be 'do' instead of 'does'.
6.' One of the more essential is incorrect because it further describes about 'integrity and diligence' which are more than one. It should be 'the most essential' .
7. The sentence is in present perfect tense- has or have and third form of verb. 'All the sections of society' is Subject in plural and with this verb will be 'have' and third form of 'striven'. Instead of 'has strive' it should be 'have striven'.
8. In this sentence .... 'its performance' is Subject, Noun in singular. Verb 'is run' is  passive voice in Present indefinite tense. But as the work still continues it should be in present continuous tense. It should be 'is running smoothly' in stead of 'is run'.
9. In this sentence ' Different political parties' is Subject Noun in plural. 'Sacrifice' is verb in plural and 'its high standards and principles' is object. 'Its and high' are adjectives and 'standards and principles' is noun. 'Its' describes plural subject 'parties' which is incorrect. It should be 'their' instead of 'its'.
10. 'One of the hazard' is incorrect. It is 'one of the hazards' i.e. one out of many.

Exercise no.6

Correct the following sentences :
  1. These days he finds it very difficult to make his both ends meet.
  2. The enquiry has brought at light some strange facts about the case.
  3. He took with heart the death of his wife.
  4. The strike have thrown many industries out of gear.
  5. No sooner he fell off the horse then he passed away.

Exercise no 7

Correct the following sentences:

  1. The enemy force had to retreat.
  2. She was at her wit's end.
  3. He likes the girls the hair of which is brown.
  4. The child tore five fifty rupees notes.
  5. She is known by her honesty.

Exercise no. 8

Correct the following Sentences:

  1. I did not go to the market yet.
  2. I did not see him for a month.
  3. I live in Bombay since 2010.
  4. He has shifted his house yesterday.
  5. He has resigned from his service last Monday.


  1. Exercise no. 8
    1.I did not go to the market yet.....---->i have not been to the market as yet
    2.I did not see him for a month.--->i have not seen him for a month.
    3.I live in Bombay since 2010.--->i have been living in bombay since 2010
    4.He has shifted his house yesterday.--->he shifted his house yesterday
    5.He has resigned from his service last Monday.--->he has resigned from his service last monday

    1. Exercise no. 6
      my answers

      These days he finds it very difficult to make both ends meet. or both his ends meet
      The enquiry has brought light some strange facts about the case.
      He took on heart the death of his wife.
      The strike have thrown out of gear many industries.
      No sooner did he fell off the horse than he passed away.

    2. Solution Exercise no. 8

      1.I have not gone to the market yet. Here Present Perfect Tense is confused with Past Indefinite tense.Third form of verb with has or have is used. So I have not gone........

      2. It is also similar sentence I have not seen him for a month.

      3.Since or for with time shows that this sentence is of Present Perfect cont Tense So Has Have +been+1st form of verb+ing with for or since time. I have been living in Bombay Since 2010.

      4.& 5 Yesterday & Last Sunday shows that it is Past Indefinite tense. 2nd form of verb is used. He shifted his house yesterday.he resigned from his service last Monday.

  2. sir please publish right answers

  3. Exercise no.6
    These days he finds it very difficult to make both ends meet.
    The enquiry has brought to light some strange facts about the case.
    He took to heart the death of his wife.
    The strike has thrown out of gear many industries.
    No sooner did he fall off the horse than he passed away.
    Exercise no 7
    The enemy forces had to retreat.
    She was at her wits end.
    He likes the girls whose hair is brown.
    The child tore five fifty rupee notes.
    She is known for her honesty.

    Exercise no. 8
    I have not gone to the market yet.
    I have not seen him for a month.
    I have been living in Bombay since 2010.
    He shifted his house yesterday.
    He resigned from his service last Monday.

  4. hi sir

    What is wrong in 4th and 5th question of exercise 8.
    Can u please elaborate and make me understand why they are wrong.

  5. @Anonymous Present perfect tense is mostly confused with Past Indefinite tense.In Present Perfect tense has + third form of verb is used. In Past Indefinite tense second form of verb is used.The words 'Yesterday' & Last Monday shows that these sentences are of past tense So Past indefinite tense i.e. second form of verb is to applied He shifted and He resigned are correct.
    For details you may see
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