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List of Words Misused in English For Alphabet A

A List of Words Misused in English  --- ( in continuation of previous post)

11.  Adopt (acquire) : The couple adopted an orphan child.

       Adapt ( adjust, Familiarize) : She is trying  to adapt herself to the new                  atmosphere.

       Adept (able, skilled) : He is adept in the art of shooting.

12.  Allusion (Indirect hint) : The official gave an allusion to involvement of some         staff member in the scam.

       Illusion (false impression) : The child under an illusion tries to catch image          of moon in water.

13.  Antique ( old,traditional) : He is fond of collecting antique items.

       Antic (silly or amusing behavior) :  His father felt ashamed at his antic                   gestures.

14.  Aught (anything) : Has he to say aught against her?

       Ought (should) : We ought to respect our elders.

15.  Alternate (Vary,Every other) : I visit his house on alternate days.

       Alternative (substitute) : He put forth an alternative to my proposal.

16.  Aspire (desire) : He aspires to rise in his life.

       Expire (end) : His  leave expired on Sunday last.

17.  Abstain (desist) : The doctor advised him to abstain from food for two days.

       Refrain (avoid doing): Father advised his son to refrain from falling in bad          company.

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