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CONJUNCTION ---- Meaning, Explanation & Types of Conjunction with Examples (PART Three)

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CONJUNCTION  is a word used for joining  words, clauses or  sentences. It acts as a linker between these for example  :

The sun rose and the fog dispersed.

Either you or your mother sinned.

He helped me  a lot, therefore, I thanked him. 

She and not her sister is at fault.

We invited her to tea but she did not turn up.

The words,   and, or, therefore, and, but    are called conjunctions. These are sentence linkers.


Conjunctions  are of Two types :

1. Co-ordinative Conjunctions  

2. Subordinative Conjunctions

Co- ordinative  Conjunctions  join sentences of equal rank . 

These are :  And, but, for, also, otherwise, or, either....or, neither....nor, now, well, but...and, so, still, no less than, however, therefore, too, as, yet etc.

Subordinative  Conjunctions  join a subordinate or dependent clause to a principal clause. These are classified according to their meaning as showing Time, Place, Cause or Reason,  Purpose, Result or effect or Consequence, Condition, Comparison  & Manner etc.


Cor-relative Conjunctions  :

Some conjunctions are used in pairs. These conjunctions are called Cor-relative conjunctions.These are :

1. :                                She is as clever as her sister.

2. :                               He is not so tall as his brother.

3. The :                   This is the same kind of purse as mine.

4. The same....that :                 She is the same lady that came here yesterday.

5. :                           He is not such a man as will deceive you. 

6. No sooner......than :             No sooner did I reach home, it started raining.  

7. Hardly......when :                Hardly had I reached home when it started raining.

8. Scarcely....before :           Scarcely had I reached home before it started raining.

9. Although/Though.....yet :   Although/though he is rich yet he is miser.

10.Either...or :                         Either he or his brother is at fault.

11. Neither....nor :                  Neither he nor his brother is at fault.

12.Whether.....or :               He must attend the meeting whether he likes or not.

13. So....that :                          I am so tired that I want to  take rest. 

14.Not only....but also :         He was not only caned but also fined.

15. Both....and :                     She is both beautiful and intelligent.

Interjection  :

Interjection is in fact not a part of speech since it has no grammatical connection with any other word or words in the sentence. It is merely an exclamatory feeling or emotion expression . 

Chief interjections are : 


1. Joy.... Hurrah !   

2. Grief ....  Oh !  Ah !  Alas !    

3. Amusement.... Ha !

4. Approval.......Bravo !

5. Attention.......Hark !  Hush !  Ho !

6. Reproof........Fie ! Fie !

7. Contempt....... Pooh !

8. To call someone....... hallo ! Ha !    

(B)  Phrases

Good Heavens ! Well done !  Good Bye ! God Gracious ! O dear me ! Alack a day!  Welcome ! 

Some Examples of Exclamatory Sentences :

Hurrah ! we have won the match.

Alas ! he is ruined.

Bravo ! well done.

How remarkable !

Would that it were spring for ever !

What a pretty child !

How fine weather it is !

What a lovely rose !

A nice catch !

Fie ! what a rogue he is !

Pooh ! what a base idea !

By Heavens ! I am true. 

Exercise for Practice   (One) :

Join each pair of the following sentences by means of a suitable conjunction. Make changes wherever necessary.


1. People respect him. He is a brave man.

2. She is wise. Her sister is wiser.

3. We stepped out. It stopped raining.

4. Run fast. You should miss the bus.

5. She worked hard. She could not succeed.

6. You cannot be successful. You work hard.

7. You should stay here. I come back.

8. He remained cheerful. He was wounded.

9. He walked fast. He may catch the train.

10. Please write.  I dictate.

(Answers :1 as(because, since).2. but 3. when 4. lest 5.but 6. unless 7.until 8. though that 10. as)

Exercise for Practice   (Two) :

Complete the following sentences by filling each blank with an appropriate conjunction.

1. Virtue ennobles.......... vice degrades.

2. Four.......four make eight.

3. She is very rich..........she is not happy.

4. She is miser........she is very rich.

5. He remained cheerful..........he was wounded

6. It is long time...........we last saw him.

7. Will you wait..........I return ?

8. ..........I were you , I would not interfere.

9. Catch me can.

10. He writes slowly...........neatly.

    (Answers :1.but 2.and 3.but 4.though 5. though 6. since  7.until 8. if 9. if 10. but )                                                                                                                                            (Continued......View next post)

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