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CONJUNCTION ---- Meaning, Explanation & Types of Conjunction with Examples (PART ONE)


CONJUNCTION  is a word used for joining  words, clauses or  sentences. It acts as a linker between these for example  :

The sun rose and the fog dispersed.

Either you or your mother sinned.

He helped me  a lot, therefore, I thanked him. 

She and not her sister is at fault.

We invited her to tea but she did not turn up.

The words,   and, or, therefore, and, but    are called conjunctions. These are sentence linkers.


Conjunctions  are of Two types :

1. Co-ordinative Conjunctions  

2. Subordinative Conjunctions

Co- ordinative  Conjunctions  join sentences of equal rank . 

These are :  And, but, for, also, otherwise, or, either....or, neither....nor, now, well, but...and, so, still, no less than, however, therefore, too, as, yet etc.

For example :

John and James are friends.   Sit quite or leave the room. 

He is sad but hopeful.   He is very rich still he is not happy.

She is very rich yet she is a miser.

You helped her, well, she did not expect this of you.

The words and, or, but,still, yet join the sentences of the same  rank.

Kinds of   Co-ordinative Conjunctions :

Co-ordinative Conjunctions are of following four kinds: 

1. Cumulative Conjunctions  

are words that join two statements. These are and, as well as or well etc. 

For example :

1. Gold and silver have I none.

2. He was both punished and fined.

3. He is at fault and his brother also.

4. She as well as her sister is intelligent.

5. The boy is tall and handsome too. 

6. We reached the school; now the bell had rung.

7. You have completed the job; well you may go.

2. Adversative Conjunctions 

are the words that join opposite statements. 

These are : but, still, however, nevertheless, yet, while, only, whereas. 

For example :

1. He has lost but he is hopeful.

2. He is stout but not courageous.

3. Hurry up otherwise you will be caught,

4. She made a good attempt but failed.

5. He is poor nevertheless he will help you.

6. You prepared for the examination whereas your brother wasted his time.

7. He is very rich yet he is a miser,

8. We all talked to the point while they beat about the bush.

3. Alternative Conjunctions 

are the words that join two alternative statements. Only one statement out of these two is to be operative. 

These are : either..or, neither...nor, else, otherwise etc.

For Example : 

1. He was neither a thief nor a cheat,

2. He is either lazy or incapacitated.

3. Behave yourself otherwise I shall call off the meeting.

4. Walk fast else you will  be late.

5. Be quick otherwise you will miss the train.

4. Illative Conjunctions 

 are the words that join one sentence with another sentence which shows the result of the action shown in the former sentence. 

These are For, so, therefore or then etc. For example : 

1. She is surely in trouble for I heard her crying,

2. It is time to leave so let us start.

3. All are to die for man is mortal.

4. It is time to go let us start then.

5. His brother is honest therefore he is rewarded.

6. He committed the crime so he was punished.

7. He is very honest therefore his boss trusts on him.


Assorted Sentences For Practice  

1. He is a bit slow ............ he is not lazy.

2. She is idler and a gambler..............

3. He is honest..............hard working.

4. I fear some foul play..........he is concealing the facts.

5. Boys worked hard.........they succeeded in the examination.

6. The girl tried her best.........she could not succeed.

7. Put your soul and heart in the case may succeed.

8. She is beautiful...........intelligent.

9. I got late in the evening was raining outside.

10. He was annoyed.........he kept quite.

Answers: 1. but 2. too well as 4. as 5. therefore 6. but 7. so that 8. as well as 10. but.

(continued in next post)

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