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ANTONYMS AND SYNONYMS --- Use of Different words as Synonyms & Antonyms (Contd. from previous post)

                                                                                (Continued from previous post)


A Synonym is a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning which the word has.

Just as Hardworking,  Industrious and diligent are similar in their meanings 'Fragile' 'weak' and 'feeble' also have nearly the same meaning.

An Antonym is a word which has the opposite or nearly the opposite  meaning of a word.

Just as 'beautiful' has the word 'Ugly' which is opposite in meaning to it.  'Ignoble'  is opposite in meaning to 'Noble'.

In examination there are questions with a word followed by four or five options which include correct antonym or synonym of it. The candidates are asked to select and mark the correct option. Here are some examples of such questions for practice.

Exercise No. 1.     


From the given options select and mark the word which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in bold letters.

1. Pernicious

A. Harmless   B. Efficient  C. Injurious D. Anxious

2. Exorbitant

A. Abundant B. Moderate  C. Monotonous  D. Efficient

3. Excoriate

A. Extort  B. Infuriate   C. Laud   D.Flout

4. Deprecate

A. Praise  B. Approach C. Recede  D. Protect.

5. Poignant

A. Affecting  B. Judicious  C. Joyous  D. Gracious

6. Perpetual

A. Momentary  B. Miraculous C. Far ending  D. Faltering

7. Heinous

A. Sociable  B. Delicate C. Sincere D. Noble.

8. Homogeneous

A. Unreliable   B. Incorrigible   C. Heterogeneous  D. Popular.

9. Discordant

A. Dependable   B. Suitable C. Harmonizing D. Contemptuous.

10. Fastidious

A. Dependable   B.  Soft  C. Progressive  D. Allusive

(To be concluded)

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