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Vocabulary Building--Usage of Sentences---Exercise Based on Questions of Previous Years' Question Papers--(With Answers)

The following sentences have one italic part. There are three possible substitutes. If one of them is equivalent to meaning of the italic part, choose that as your answer. If none of the substitutes improves the sentence, then choose (4) as your answer.

(These sentences are based on questions  of  previous years' examinations)

Q. 1 Certain persons around us strive hard in  their life, do their work  with a 

great enthusiasm. They earn a lot of applause from others. Their work starts 

like a whirlwind and fame comes to them likewise. But with them soon all this 

disappears, enthusiasm soon wanes and  finally dies and the work is abandoned. It 

is like all started well but finished nothing.

1.They shy away and stop taking interest due to lack of confidence. 

2.Their interest in work dies soon and they lose  their work.

3.They are no more interested in doing work and stop working further.

4.Their enthusiasm decreases and finally disappears and they stop working.

5. None of these.


Q. 2  It is not easy to peep into someone’s heart simply by having a look at one’s

 face and outward appearance. It is said that countenances are often deceptive.

These days people tend to affect what they actually are not. As such one cannot 

have faith on others so easily.

1. These days people try to cheat others with fake identity and actions.

2. These days people try to show off their riches and belongings to others.

3. These days people show off to others what they are not.

4.  None of these.

Q.3 Death control, something different from birth control, recognizes the work 

of scientists, doctors and  people of health services in  keeping alive people who 

otherwise would have died of some serious diseases. Squalid conditions, which

 an improved standard of living can remedy ,caused a lot of diseases and dirt. 

Medical care helps to keep people alive longer.

1. Improved medical facilities created  better health and longer life for people.

2. Better standard of living increased longevity of the people by curing their diseases.

3. Better standard of living can create healthy surroundings and thus save  people from  diseases.

4.  None of these.

Q. 4 Feelings of love are located in the heart rather than the head of man. 

Human life comprises of conflicts, ecstasy, adulations and detestations prevalent all 

around. While in anguish an adult drives comfort from swinging rhythmically 

from side to side. Rocking of a cradle that  reminds an infant of the mother’s

  heartbeat  in womb gives it a soothing effect.

1. Human life is full of all comforts and complications  of modern age.

2.Human life is full of misery,despair and desolations.

3.Human life is amalgamation  love, hatred, happiness and distress. 

4. None of these.


Q. 5 Childhood comes before manhood. Manhood is nothing but developed and 

mature form of childhood.The faith of a child is nobler than that of a man. A

 child grasp and realizes the mysteries of life more clearly than a man. Great men 

show their future greatness even in their childhood.


1.A  child has a stronger will power to do a work than a man.

2. A child understands the  complexities of life in a better way than a man.

3. A child possesses better scale of understanding than a man.

4. None of these.


Q. 6 No.Great things have always been achieved by men of will. Great men 

achieved greatness because they willed to be great. Will is the power by which a 

man can have everything he wills. This will power can be achieved by a 

continuous process of concentration on noble objectives.

1. Through will power a man achieves all success in life.

2. Strong will power gives strength to a man to accomplish work.

3. Will power stimulates  a man to make possible all he desires.

4. None of these.


  Q. 7 That the current shut down will have a negative impact on the US 

economy is obvious. Brinkmanship between the Republicans and the Democrats

 has brought about this impasse. Given delicate state of the US economy, better 

sense was expected and politicians to look beyond their narrow visions and see the 

larger picture.

1. Better legislation was expected and politicians to act together to pass it.

2. Better conditions should be created in the country by all the politicians in a collective way.

3. Better sense to prevail among politicians and they act above slender interests.

4. None of these.

Q. 8 Terror is a crime against humanity. The perpetrators of terror are 

criminals and should be treated as such. They do not belong to any particular 

creed or community. They do not command any empathy and compassion of the 

public at large. Rigorous procedures and harsh ways to deal with these persons 

are needed.

1.They do not draw any feelings of sympathy and kindness of common people.

2.They do not have any respect or regards for any values of public in general.

3.They do not have any feelings of sympathy for the people of any country.

4.None of these.


Q. 9 Heart diseases are today number one killer in both urban and rural areas 

of the country. Poor diet, stress, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking, 

diabetes and high blood pressure are the major causes of heart diseases. To 

check these one needs to investigate physical activities schemes around oneself and 

to provide children too with opportunity for increased physical activity.

1. To invent new methods for physical treatment of the diseases.

2. To find out new methods to prevent  people including children from this disease.

3. To find out new methods of physical actions and prospects for people including children.  

4. None of these.

 Q 10.Education prepares a society and nation to achieve its economic, political 

and social goals and face dynamic environment. It nurtures its human capital to 

achieve a civilized society for peace and prosperity of mankind. For this new

 realities need to be evolved.

1. It requires its people to make huge investment in the system to meet with expenses of  the society.

2. It fosters people to make the society sophisticated to bring harmony and affluence. 

3. It invents new methods of training for the people to make the society more sophisticated.

4. None of these.

Answers: Q1. 4 Q2.  3 Q3. 3   Q4.  3  Q5. 2   Q6.  3  Q7.  3   Q8. 1  Q9. 3 Q10. 2

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